to health care services

You stick to your own. In the time tunnel, elegant and relaxed and low. From shore to shore, from this life to the afterlife. No matter how time wasted, you still insist on his own form. Let the love shiny things to shine, you just do your own life: the most hidden and low-key way PolyU DBA.
— the spring
In fact, all the pain is a reason, just, not willing to say it. Usually, when depressed, I do not want to see any people, don’t want to say a word, what also don’t want to do, even the breathing is too lazy to maintain. But I can’t, not depressed, because, in my life, I Is it right? One thing.
After all, I am living in the earthly people, care about people and things around. This started a conversation closed due to leadership of the idea, that is to give some reward for my work. At that moment, I didn’t think, a rebuff. I don’t see why, just think from that moment, feel the sky is falling down, grievance, disappointed, frustrated, or even despair. More doubts, doubts his spirit out of the question, also began to doubt his ability to work……
In today’s post, for six years, during which the hard, others may not know. The new leadership of the affirmation and encouragement, but sensitive to me, dragged out this a lot of emotion.
Later, I gave the “impulse” reject reason — if you really sure my work, give me my position. It was impossible, for so many years, I naturally or half unconsciously lay relationships never, not to business relationships. A person of success, in addition to the more excellent working ability, more important is to have an abundance of interpersonal relationship. Besides, my work ability is not good. These years, I was only in their own way to do things, trying to get things done. Moreover, not their efforts, the leadership and colleagues will admit you, will recognize you. This is a relatively complex and profound problems.
In reality, I chose to compromise. I also understand their worry about personal gains and losses. When the work is unpleasant, my spiritual sustenance own hobby. But those so-called hobby, really can not solve practical problems in any. I like a boat in the ocean, not bump, time was tempestuous waves swallowed may. Such a helpless, very painful Cloud Provider.
This morning, I give myself a hours off, not as usual to get there by eight units. Son to school, a return to sleep sleep, wake up, just eight points. I’m a quarter of an hour in bed, think a lot. I looked out of the window, find the sun, last night’s rain has gone. Because the sun’s sake, I remembered the plum park. The thought of the bloom, my heart will be lit.
Peel the layers of mist, decided to the sun to go to work. A minute fast search your head, which a few things to do today, annual work summary, the fourth quarter operating situation, typical speech materials to pay, to express, to health care services, to the industrial injury insurance for territorial insurance. Health center run twice, finally completed, work-related injury insurance territory do so smooth. What happened today is completed, the reward for me even happier than leadership. Look, I’m really is to the sun people.
The mood has been slow, the idea would not retreat last night so deep. Friends leave a message to me, encouraged me to live, live in their own ways, insist, is king.
The moon waxes and wanes, and life. Adhere to the joys and sorrows. Stick to your own personality. Alive to self-esteem. You’re right You beauty.


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