If I had my life to live over

Human life is doomed to be unable to like a flower in the four seasons breeze quiet, not like an animal that can put down the heavy emotion, because everyone has their own can not get rid of the responsibility Digital Signage.
The most touching screen is not dead, but only a simple take the package. When a man can be brave to face their own responsibility and bear, he is the true harvest growth.
When I was young always look forward to the day grew up, eager to do you can’t do that thing; adult back to life pressure, but the fantasy escape; comfortable old age finally came, but the pain memories.
This is perhaps the greatest sorrow.
But from the moment of birth, began to grow at the same time also to death. Although each section of road of life leads to a different destination, but the scenery on the every section of the road is only belong to you, no man can take it away from you. So there is no need to envy others the way flowers, we own and dense; there is no need for the past things sad, the next stop would be better. Cherish, cherish the time, “not treatsblossomless spatial booklet.”
Bing Xin describes his own fairly and keep ideal in < > in the past, she wanted to give directions in the horizon for the lost ship. Although unable to do so, but she had never forgotten their own ideals. For a man, 12ax7 a head of the ideal system with responsibility, another head of the future. Forget the ideal man is like a lost ship night, only to perish in the night of the siege. No matter how many bags to carry, ideal with heart.
Life is complex, the life can be very simple.
Doing what you love, love people like themselves. Do not seek “laughing mast scull Ashes To Ashes” romantic, as long as the “common wager was poured tea consumer”; not seeking all-powerful heroic, as long as freely flowing style of writing and indifferent. Enjoy life people can live out a life of true taste.
With joy, with hope, with the family’s orders, many people take the package, the direction toward the horizon. In their figure is in front of you. Since the decision to provoke the responsibilities of life can not turn around, otherwise the tears could not.
No one can stay home harbour never at sea, the when we set out, even the tempestuous waves, but also the choice of brave. Do what we do, we should pick up the burden of life will be perfect, no regret, only alexander hera.


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